Which Certification is Best?

Every so often, we run into discussions about which project management certification is best. That is understandable because certification means a lot to us.

Nowadays there are several ways to become a certified project manager. There are certifications such as CAPM, PMP and PRINCE2. You can also go for a master’s degree in project management. All of these give you a solid foundation in project management.

However, time has shown us that it is not the certification that makes the project manager, but the combination of knowledge and experience.

The approach to take in your career is to get a good knowledge base and then get experience using that knowledge



The best way to gain experience is by having a mentor. This avoids a lot of trial-and-error learning. The process of gaining experience is the vehicle to take you from the knowledge-stage to the experienced-stage.

Certification is just the starting point. In real life, it does not matter which certification you have. The goal is to reach the experienced-stage, where you are able to handle ANY project they throw at you! You reach that experienced -stage by gaining experience with the certification YOU have.

Asking which certification is best, is like asking which college is best. The answer is they all will serve the purpose






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