How to Set Up Your WordPress Website

In three easy steps


Step 1

Choose your domain name (  for example).

Check if it is available at a domain host. I recommend using Hostgator as domain host for the following reasons:

  • At HostGator you can host an unlimited amount of domains for the price of one.
  • I use HostGator, so I will be able to help you.

Go to Host Gator by clicking the following banner

Once you have your domain name, register it for at least two years. Two years tells the search engines that your website is to be taken serious.


Step 2

Buy a hosting plan. I have the Baby plan. I recommend you buy your hosting plan at the same host you bought your domain name. I recommend this, because your domain name will have to be “pointed” to your host. When you buy your domain name at the host of your choice, this “pointing” is done by your host.


Step 3

Once you have received you Host Gator login info (cPanel) you can login and scroll down to software/services and use QuickInstall to install  WordPress on your site.

That’s all. Congratulations. You have now set up your WordPress website.


Cool Themes

Your WordPress website comes with a standard theme. You can continue using WordPress themes and plugins. Plugins are easy to install enhancement to your website. WordPress themes and plugins are free, but not so fancy and the support is limited to their forums.

There are other cool themes available to fit the purpose of your website. I use WooThemes for my themes.  Their themes cost USD 70, but come with two additional free themes and you get one year free support.


Why WordPress

  • I recommend using WordPress and WordPress themes because it is easy to install, maintain, enhance and it is updated automatically. You do not have to bother (=pay) your webmaster every time you want to make a change.
  • I use WordPress so I will be able to help you.
  • The website you are looking at now was created with WordPress and a theme from Woothemes



Contact me at if you would like me to walk you through the steps mentioned above.

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