The Value of PMP Certification

I think that having and maintaining your PMP certificate is very valuable to your career as a project manager. The main reason I say this is because to maintain your PMP certificate, you have to earn your PDU’s. Earnig your PDU’s keeps you up to date in all areas of project management. Being up to date in all areas of project management is what distinguises you as a professional from just a practitioner.
Many people question the value of the PMP certificate, because getting your PMP in itself, does not make you a professional project manager. Which certificate makes you a professional? None! Only when you continue to develop yourself and get experience in your field, you become a professional. The PMP certificate combined with the PDU system does provide a framework for becoming a Project Management Professional.

Also keep in mind that certification is valued different in different countries. I have worked in a Dutch country where post-graduate certification in general was not recognized, so there was no return on investment for me to get and maintain my PMP. However, I have been a member of PMI since 1996, and use the PMBok guide on a regular basis. All the project management courses I teach are aligned with the PMBok. I also help project managers prepare themselves for the PMP exam. That is the way I am kept up to date on what is going on with the PMP certification.

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  1. Hi Diana,
    Thank you for the nice comments and for sharing. Using the PMI standards and certifications is a great way of having a common way of doing our work and communicating with each other. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Hi Victor,

    Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your brief article and shared it on PMI-OC's LinkedIn Group, Facebook Page and Twitter. Thanks!



    I am currently taking genearly PM courses, and looking forward to learning from your newsletters! Feel free to let me know what the 411 is about when entering the PM industry as a newbie.

    Also, let me know if you have any questions.

    Diana Wei
    PMI-OC Chapter
    Director of Social Media

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  3. So true Victor, your comment about being a Professional is not being cerificated but through experience is just priceless. I have recently changed careers to Product Management and feel it should have happened earlier – be that as it may – I have completed the elementary PM Course and more than ever charged to go fot the PMP. I am already working in a sizeable project (value wise) and future looks great – Thanks to know people like yourself. Will keep in touch.
    All The Best!

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