Update on Selling Project Management Presentation

A few months ago I made a sample presention at your request to help you sell your project management services. I also made some notes to go along with that presentation. This presentation was a more general presentation for selling project management services.
Seeing that many of you do IT-projects, I decided to make a new presentation that is more easily adapted for selling IT-services. I have also updated the notes that go with the presentation.
The intention of these presentations is to help you sell your services. The notes explain you how to quantify the econmoic value of your services. How to show a company the ROI of investing in your services.
You can have your free copy of the presentation and the notes to go with it by contacting me via this website or directly at victor@victorhuntconsulting.com.

12 thoughts on “Update on Selling Project Management Presentation”

  1. Hi Lowell,
    How are you?
    Sorry for taking so long to answer you.
    I have been travelling most of the time.

    About your request, please read my comment to Puneet. Thanks.

    1. Hi Puneet. How are you?. The presentation is not available as such anymore. I have since written a complete eBook on how to sell project management. The book is available at Selling Project Management.
      Get the book, it is a complete guide on how to sell project management including several templates and presentations.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for your interest in Selling Project Management.

    I have just emailed you the requested presentations.

  3. dear victor,
    you have shared some interesting things on PM and PMC.
     would like your help on selling PM services. any advice is always beneficial – cos you are one of those who enjoys your PM work, like me.
    I am a trainer and am doing a tender for friday afternoon – malaysian time.
    – could i see the .ppt presentation you are offering. would appreciate it.

  4. Hello Mena,

    The presentations (IT and non-IT) are in one zipped file, so you will get both. I will send the files to you. I hope it is of some help to you.

    I am in the process of finalizing an eBook on the topic of "Selling Project Management". Once it is published you can have a look at it.

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