Scope Control Best Practices Part 5 of 6

Part 5: Scope Control in the Closing Phase

The closing phase of your project is when you turn over  your project to the customer and close all contracts and generate your final documentation of your project.

Scope Control in the Closing Phase???

you may ask yourself if still have to do scope control in the closing phase of your project. The answer is yes.

Change Requests From Your Customer

your customer may have some change requests at turn over.  Do not get upset. Evaluate the requests just as you have done before and and make a decision on them: if the change request is valid, accept it and process it. If the change request is not valid, explain why and move on. Here is where assertiveness comes in a again. See related posts below.

Change Requests From Your Contractor

At the end of your project, a contractor may show up with a list of items they claim are extra works. The way to go about this is to judge the claims with integrity and honor the claim if indeed you have overlooked something. It is a best practice to document in the contract that change requests should be approved  before  the work is done, not after.  This is why you should always use Change Request Forms to document all change requests before the end of your project. See the related post where change request are discussed (Part 4 of 6) below.


In the next part of this series, we will wrap-up this series.




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