Scope Control Best Practices Part 2 of 6

Part 2: Scope Control in the Initiation Phase

During the initiation phase of a project, you identify your stakeholders and issue your project charter. See  related post on project management processes below.

The idea is to involve ALL stakeholders in this phase of the project when you start defining your scope. This will give you a better control over your scope further down the road.


There are internal stakeholders (within the performing organization) and external stakeholders.  We are accustomed to working with internal stakeholders, but external stakeholders can show up out of the blue and give you a lot of headaches.

stakeholders to think of are (not limited to):

  • Sponsors
  • Customers (both end-users and others)
  • Related government agencies (external)
  • Environmental groups (external)

Another best practice in this phase of the project is to talk to project managers of related projects and consider their lessons learned.

 The idea is to involve ALL stakeholders in the beginning of your project

There is a Dutch saying that goes: A good beginning is half the work.

In the other parts of this series on scope control we will take care of the “other half of the work”


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