Finding a Job as a Project Manager

During these times of economic recession finding a job is easier said than done. The job market is tight, even for project managers.Here are some pointers that might help.


Sell Yourself

To sell yourself as a project manager on the job market, you have to find ways to separate yourself from the pack. Businesses are looking for project managers who can identify and develop economically sound business cases. To convince a company that you can help them meet their business goals, you have to bring knowledge and experience to the table.


Prepare Yourself

You have to convince them that you have experience with a project management methodology to handle the complete life cycle, from project initiation to closing. During project initiation you must be able to identify profitable business cases.You should be knowledgable in Return on Investment (ROI) and Net Present Value (NPV) methods.

Prepare yourself to explain your knowledge of scheduling and budget development for the planning phase of a project. Knowing something about Earned Value Management (EVM) is a great asset when in the execution phase of a project. You do not have to be an expert is all of these areas, but you have to be able to convince the company that you can handle all of them. If you are not familiar with these techniques, you can contact me.

I always tell people it is good to have a "Short Story". The short story is about the key points of a project you recently did. You prepare this short story in advance, and you tell it during your interview with the company. Having a "short story" shows that you have relevant experience.

Make sure that your cover letter shows how you can improve the profitability of the company. Use sentences with action words. Here are some examples: experienced project manager, with demonstrated skills in handling the complete project life cycle. Consistent application of a proven project management methodology, resulting in completing projects within schedule and budget, translating into significant company savings. Findinng a job as a project manager is like a project. It has to be properly planned.


Help Offered

The above might sound overwhelming, especially for someone with little or no experience. If you need any help, contact me, and I will help you with your specific case.


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