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The purpose of this website is to provide information on selling and delivering project management services. The idea is to do this by means of blogs, white papers, eBooks, and regular email and other media.

The following overview will give you an idea of the area we will be covering. The field of project management consulting can be divided into 2 phases.

The first phase is selling project management. In this phase you are trying to get a contract with a potential client.
The second phase is delivering the project management services, once you have a contract.
The first phase, selling project management, can be further divided into two smaller phases.
To get the contract you have to present yourself to the client and show how you can deliver added value for that client. In order to do that, you must know some details of the client’s business. This phase can be called the planning phase. Once the planning phase is completed, you are ready to make your presentation to the client and get your contract.

Once you have a contract, you have to move to the second phase: using project management knowledge and skills to deliver the services you promised.

So in summary you can see project management consulting as divided into the following phases:

Project Management Consulting Overview

I know that many of you are starting project management consultants. One of the first things you need to do as a starting consultant is to set your hourly rate. I have written a short step by step white paper on “How to Set Hourly Rates for Your Consultancy”.
Just fill in your name and email address in the box on the side of this page to receive this white paper and to get access to my 30+ years of experience in project management. The best way to benefit from my experience is to interact with me on a regular basis. I can only help you if I know what questions you have. We can
interact through this blog or by clicking on “Contact Victor” on this website or by email.

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  1. Hi Victor,

    I am interested in reading your “How to Set hourly Rates for Your Consultancy” white paper. Can you please email it to me?

    1. @Jill. The white paper was written three years ago and is now outdated and not available anymore. I have now written an up to date ebook on this topic. This ebook is my best seller at the moment. It is just USD 14.99 and is available here.

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