PMBOK 5th ed is Out

PMI PMBOK  5th has been released earlier this month.


PMI’s stands for Project Management Institute  and PMBOK stands for “a guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”.

The PMBOK describes project management processes that are generally accepted as good practice.

The objective of this blog post is not to present an in-depth discussion of all the changes and enhancement of the 5th edition but to look at the overall changes and emphasize the importance of planning in project management.

Overall Changes

The major changes in the 5th edition are :

  1. The number of project management  processes have been increased from forty two to forty seven
  2. A new project management knowledge area has been added (Project Stakeholder Management)
  3. Some process names have been changed

The five added processes are:

  1. Plan Scope Management
  2. Plan Schedule Management
  3. Plan Cost Management
  4. Plan Stakeholder Management
  5. Control Stakeholder Engagement

The Importance of Planning

The forty seven processes are divided over the following process groups

Project Management Process Groups
Project Management Process Groups

The amount of processes per process group is as shown in the following graph

Processes per Process Group
Processes per Process Group PMBOK 5th Edition

As you can see, the planning process group has the most processes. This reflects the importance of planning in project management.

Four of the five processes that have been added in the 5th edition are in the planning group. This also re-emphasizes that planning remains important in project management.

The PMBOK 4th edition had twenty processes in the planning group as shown in the graph below:

Processes per Group PMBok 4th Edition
Processes per Group PMBOK 4th Edition

Carpenter’s Rule

I have translated the importance of project planning into what i call the “carpenter’s rule” for project management:


My father was a carpenter, he taught me to “measure twice and cut once”

Application of the PMBOK 5th ed.

From now on I will be using the new processes and process names on my blog and eBooks.

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    1. @Bandara. Remote project management is the same as non-remote project management. The same steps have to be taken. The technology might be different, but the project management processes are the same.
      My upcoming eBook will explain step by step how every project can be managed. The book should be out this quarter.
      Meanwhile you can send me the details of your remote project, and I will help you.

  1. Dear Victor,
    Thank you for regularly keeping in touch with your subscribers and friends. You are doing a great job. Any time one feels to refresh the
    basics of Project Management one rushes to your website and blogs.
    Keep it up . Slowly and steadily you have piled up a lot of info on your
    website . This is a good “peep into knowledge” treasure for all aspiring
    Project Mangers . Great Contribution. We hope for more and more.

    1. Suhail, thank you for your encouraging comment. One of my mentors once told me: “what good is knowledge if you do not share it”.
      I really appreciate feedback on my blog, it keeps me working in the right direction.

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