I have been mentoring since 1988, while living and working in the Netherlands.
I find mentoring a gracious way of using your experience.
Maybe that is the reason that I am always involved in somekind of mentoring, teaching or writing.

At the moment mentoring is growing very fast. Mentoring is a very efficient way to start to use your knowledge effectively. I had a mentor when I started out with Exxon. Now after 30+ years I am receiving mentoring requests on a weekly basis.

To accomodate the growing demand for mentoring I started making some changes to our blog:

All existing and new subscribers are now entitled to free mentoring.

I am also working on an eStore where I will be selling eBooks. The topic and content of each eBook is based on questions I receive from mentees. Each eBook will also include free mentoring.

I am also working on a mobile app to facilitate mentoring. After installing this mobile app on your mobile phone, you will have direct access to my mentoring from your Android phone.

Hopefully with these changes we will have a more mentee-friendly blog.

Thank you for the trust you have put in me, some of you for many years now.

4 thoughts on “Mentoring”

  1. Hi Victor,  hope you can please mentor or guide me thru PMO best practices, we are about training a  core team to set up the PMO, PLEASE HELP

  2. Ade,
    Thank you for the comment. For mentoring to be effective, it has to be mentee-driven. Most mentoring takes an informal format. I am also a PMI Consulting Community mentor, which uses a more formal format with mentoring agreements etc. So the complete spectrum for mentoring is available. Most mentoring I do is by email and phone. In all cases I guard the bounderies of mutual respect, trust, confidentiality etc. So I am flexible with the format.

  3. Victor,
    Thanks for your previous posts on 'assertiveness' and your advocacy of a 'Questioning Approach' which I  have found very useful.
    I am also keen on your new mentoring offer and would like to know the format and approach this will take, especially since it will be distance learning?

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