Managing Multiple Projects

This blog is about managing multiple projects. There is lot of information available on how to manage multiple projects. But, most of the information available is about the methods and techniques to use when managing multiple projects. This blog is not about the procedures, but more about the strategy to use when managing multiple projects.

Project managers do not come cheap, so most of us have been assigned to manage several projects at the same time. But have we been properly trained to manage multiple projects? The answer is often no.

Some people compare managing multiple projects to a juggler. Is this a good comparison? How many balls can you juggle at one time? What if one ball stagnates? When juggling balls, they all move with the same speed. Not so with multiple projects.

When managing multiple projects, you can better see yourself as a HELICOPTER PILOT. You need to manage your helicopter-view in order to keep control of all your projects. The more projects you have, the higher you have to fly. If one project stagnates, you have to fly lower over that project until it starts to move forward again. When managing your helicopter view, make sure you do not “land” at one of the projects. By doing that you will lose control over the other projects.

Some may ask, what is the maximum amount of projects you can handle at one time? The answer depends on the amount of assistance you have. I have managed a total of 15 projects over a 4 year period with the assistance of several project leaders. With proper assistance, you can delegate and fly higher.

The key to successful management of multiple projects, is managing your HELICOPTER-VIEW!!

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  1. Excellent article. Truly worth reading it, I will definitely follow above mentioned practices within my team. Thanks for sharing!

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