Interpersonal Skills in Project Management

Hard Skill, Soft Skills

Managing a project requires both soft skills and hard skills. Interpersonal (soft) skills, are the skills required to interact with each other to get things done.

This blog post is about the importance of interpersonal skills.

Hard skills are like the skills required to use software tools to make a schedule or your project budget

There are many ongoing discussions about which skills are most important. I see the required skills, both soft and hard, as the links of a chain. They all are important. If one link is missing, your chain is broken.

When we think of project management training, we often think about the training in the area of hard skills. However, soft skills are just as important and require proper training also.

On this website (blog), I try to find a good balance between posts on hard skills and soft skills.

Interpersonal Skills

In project management nowadays, the following interpersonal skills are needed:



The list above is not exhaustive, but is a good interpersonal skill-set to start with.

In project management, most of the problems that occur are “people” problems. This means that to be a successful project manager, it is essential to have good interpersonal skills.

The importance of interpersonal skills is compounded by the fact that many problems in the hard skills area, such as budgeting, are often caused by poor interpersonal skills.

Development of Interpersonal Skills

 In an attempt to mitigate the “people” problems in our work as project managers, I will regularly publish posts about how to develop your interpersonal skills.


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4 thoughts on “Interpersonal Skills in Project Management”

  1. Tabaruk, Thank you for your comment. Indeed, a good balance between soft and hard skills is needed to enhance productivity, both in projects and functional jobs.

  2. Yeah! Nice to know. To align all the team/people towards objectives soft skills are essential for projects and functional jobs as well. Most of the cases productivity and effeciency enhancement is depending on the soft skills besides hard skills. Anyway….Thanks Mr. Victor.

  3. Thank you also Victor for your informative response.

    We have to pay more attention to our soft skills or else the "chain" will break with all the good hards skills in it.

  4. YES Victor! Soft skills are major requirements towards proper management of our projects. Managing human interaction is a key factor that must not be considered less in order to achieve successful management of  projects and Space is the boundary of human interaction.
    Good understanding of Organizational Space, Team Space and Individual Space strongly enhance the needed soft (interpersonal) skills  to manage and deliver projects. Team succeed better when a unified ideal exist amongst the team.
    Thank you Victor

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