5 thoughts on “Green Projects in Aruba”

    1. Trinidad is a self sustaining country that does not see the need for alternative energy sources because it relies heavily on fossil fuel. You would not see Trinidad diverting energy into this sector regardless of how much money it has in its coffers.
      Aruba needs to be self sustaining because of the prices associated with each barrel of processed oil. their small economy would not be able to afford this in the future since it would become more expensive, thus, they have a supplemented vision to provide a sustainable future while being as they are doing their part in combating climate change , They would bypass Trinidad in the next 20 years as this country still has not envisioned a future beyond their full pockets.

  1. @Suhail. Thank you for your encouraging comment.
    By the way, Aruba is just a few clicks away nowadays with all the technology we have.
    I am always available if you have any questions as you know.

  2. Exhilirating and Thumping !! Futuristic and worth observing ! I wish i could afford a travel to Aruba and witness this just to repeat same in my place. Keep it up and keep me informed of latest and more and more . Nice video Education . Great effort and something greater for Globe!!
    Thank you.

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