eBook Advantages


eBook sales have been increasing since their invention.
As of this year ebook sales have passed the sales of print books.
This post is about the advantages of ebooks compared to print books


What is an eBook

An ebook is a book in digital form that can be read on a computer or other electronic devices such as eReaders, iPad, or mobile phones


eBook Formats

The most popular ebook formats at the moment are PDF, Kindle and ePub.

Advantages of eBooks

  • Prices are less compared to print books, while ebooks often have ready-to-use digital templates added as bonuses.
  • No shipment required. Acces is immediate upon download
  • Clickable links provide access to related websites and to the author if you have any questions.
  • Portability: you can take your ebook with you without any added weight.
  • No storage required for your library of ebooks

These are just a few of the advantages I could think of at this moment. I am sure there are more advantages. As with everything  there will also be disadvantages. However there are more advantages than disadvantages based on the sales.


Get one for the coming holidays.


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2 thoughts on “eBook Advantages”

  1. David thank you for your comment. As with any other book, ebooks can help you prepare for any exam. There are several good exam prep materials out there. I am sure that there are ebook on that topic available.

  2. Thank you for this useful information.
    does ebook help one in preparing for prince 2 practitioner exams by providing access to past questions and revision tips?
    thank you.

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