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There are many aspiring project managers looking for a job or making the transition to project management. One of the obstacles they run into is that they have no project experience to show on their resume. That is only partly true. All aspiring project managers DO have project management experience. However, they do not recognize their experience as project management experience. They often do not realize that certain assignments or tasks they have done in the past are actually projects.


Freebie Available

I have written a short document that has helped many aspiring project managers discover and highlight their project management experience. It is available for free. Just email me at

Re-write Service Available

I also offer a resume or profile re-write service for a nominal fee of USD 42.50. Contact me at to re-write your resume or profile.


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    Mr. Hunt,
                    I’m looking forward to reading “Discover your project experience.” I have taken another look at my resume and I believe there are several accomplishments that can be better emphasized.

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