Consultancy is a wide portfolio in it self.

Here are a few areas that I am active in at the moment:

I Consult the Consultant

As a way of helping you as an aspiring project manager/consultant, I will consult you on any project that you may need help with. The consulting may be just in one small area of project management or it may be for the complete Project Life Cycle. You’re not in this alone.

Project Management Manuals

A project management manual is the core document for any company involved projects. I will develop YOUR project management manual, based on YOUR specific business and together with YOUR project managers.

Earned Value Management Services

We (I don’t do this alone) will help you set up the Earned Value Management for your project. It is said that Earned Value Management is “Project Management with the Lights on”. Believe me, that is true.

Business Plans

I will take your business idea and help you develop your business plan. Yes, starting a new business is a project.

Discover and Documenting Project Experience

I help people who are getting into project management or looking for a job in project management, discover and document their project experience.

Freebie Available

I have written a short document that has helped many aspiring project managers discover and highlight their project management experience. It is available for free. Just email me at mentioning “Discover project Exprience Freebie”



“Great Job!!! I really like it” Leo Gregorio, Chicago, USA”

 The difference between you and other experienced Project Management professionals is the complex way they explain things which is difficult for people like me(who do not have much experience in Project Management) to understand. Your way of explaining things is simple and easy”.  Khera, M. Toronto, Canada

Fantastic Victor!!! Thank you so much for your valuable input and expertise. Everything looks great and reads easily”.  Tamara Beard, Las Vegas, USA 

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