Case Study Part 6 of 6


The objective of this case study was to illustrate how project management processes are used in a real life project.

PMI’s PMBOk provides us with an extensive description of project management processes. A case study is a good way to illustrate how project management processes are applied to a real life project.

Thank You

First of all thanks to all of you have contributed to this case study in one way or the other. Thank you to all who have commented. Of course you can still comment on the case.

A special thank you to the Public Utility of Aruba for allowing me to use of their projects for this case study.

Process Count

Looking back at the past parts of this case study we see that we have used the twenty three of the forty two processes in this case study. These twenty three processes were used throughout the project life cycle as follows:

  • Initiation phase:  2
  • Planning phase: 13
  • Execution phase 6
  • Closing phase:    2


Note that the most processes were used during the planning phase. That is usually the case with a properly planned project. The Planning Process Group is also the largest of the five process groups. See the related post on process groups below.

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8 thoughts on “Case Study Part 6 of 6”

  1. This is an excellent work and I really want to know how these processes can be followed in a real life scenario. I’m really learning great stuff from one of the greatest PM of our time. Congratulations!
    Livingston O. Daniel,

    1. Livingston, thank you for the nice comment. I really appreciate it. Keep in touch to learn more. My recent eBook, Project Management Quick Start”, is an excellent resource to get you up and running with real life project management.

  2. Hi Weston, thank you for the positive comment. I mostly use "civil" projects (buildings, high ways etc) as example for the reasons you pointed out: everyone can relate to them.

  3. Hi Victor, I enjoyed going over the case study. Was a very good choice for a project. Everyone could have related to this scope, so that there was nodistraction related to the topic. This facilitated giving adequate focus to the process.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. I have enjoyed and learned following the Case Study. And all that in short and understandable chapters. Masha danki! Keep up the good work!!

  5. Hi Asad, thank you for your comment.
    Sure, anything that would help build our profession is welcome. Let me know what you have in mind, and we will discuss it.

  6. Excellent Case Study. If you allow me, I would like to add a few more processes in the same Case Study for academic purposes.

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