Case Study Part 1 of 6

Case Study Introduction

Request for Case Study

A few weeks ago one of my subscribers requested a case study as a way of demonstrating how project management process groups are applied to a real life project. The request came in as the first comment on the blog post about process groups.

Request Honored

Several subscribers confirmed that such a case study is a good idea, so I decided to do the case study

Processes and Process Groups

PMI’s PMBOK is an extensive description of forty two project management processes. These forty two processes are grouped into five process groups. Read more in related post below on process groups. In real life some projects use certain processes and other projects use other processes. Processes pertaining to scope, schedule and budget are used in all projects. At the end of this case study, I will count all the processes I have used on this project. I have never done that before.

Project Phases

The natural flow of a project is to go through four phases from beginning to the end of the project. Going through these four phases, initiation, planning, execution and closing phase is called the project life cycle. Read more about the project life cycle in the related post below.


Description of the Case Study

The project chosen for this case study is the construction of an industrial building for the Public Utilities of Aruba. The building was part of a bigger project. I chose just the civil part of this project for the case study, so that any one can relate to it. The idea is to understand how project management processes are applied to a project and not the technical details of the project.

During the case study I will go through the complete chronological project life cycle, from initiation through planning and execution to closing. When doing that, I will discuss all the processes I used on this particular project.

There will a total of six posts including this one (introduction, project initiation, planning, execution, closing and wrap-up)

I invite you to comment on each post as we go along.


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14 thoughts on “Case Study Part 1 of 6”

  1. Can you please suggest a simple book (preferably a free ebook) as “pre-req” to PMP candidates, especially those who do not have the required background but still interested to learn about PMP.

    1. Hi Asad, how are you?
      For PMP prep, I can refer you to Elaine Jackson, she is on Linked In and gives PMP prep courses.
      A definite requirement for PMP prep is the PMBok. It is available at

      However, you should realize that PMP is a certification, it does not teach you project management.
      If you want to quickly learn how to manage a project, you can get my eBook “Project Management Quick Start”. It is available at reduced price in my eStore.

  2. Please send me some free case study demontrating either international project management or just project management as a whole

    1. Hi Nyke, thank you for your comment.
      The process (steps to take such as “determine budget”) are the same for international projects or local projects. The content of the steps (culture, language, time zone, budget amount etc.) might be different, but the processes are the same for all type of projects. Project Management is about the process not the content.
      Your free case study is available upon subscription to my site. All my subscribers get all of my FREEBIES.

  3. @Mary Ann. Thank you for your comment. I thought that the PMBOK 4th edition had 43 processes. I could be wrong of course. There was an earlier edition with 44 processes. I do remember 42 processes at one time. The upcoming 5th edition will have more than 44 processes. So I guess I should say forty something processes. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. 

  4. Great case study and thank you.  However, why do you say PMBOK has 43 processes, it is 42?
    PMI's PMBOK is an extensive description of forty three project management processes. These forty three processes are grouped into five process groups.

  5. @Asad,
    I am glad you found what you were looking for (case study) on my blog. This case study really gives insight to project managers on how the PMBOK is applied in real life. Thank you for this comment and pass the word around.

  6. Asad,

    The case study consists of 6 parts. We are only at part 2 at the moment.  Sign up on this website and you will recieve all six parts and future tips as well.

  7. Can we receive the remaining parts of the Case Study? I have seen only 1 of 6 and 2 of 6 on your page.

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