2013: What to Expect

Happy New Year

I sincerely wish all of you and your loved ones love, peace, joy and health for 2013. May you find direction in this changing world that we live in. . “Change is the only constant in the world we live in“.

 Lasting Relationships

During the past year I had the opportunity to work with many aspiring project managers/consultants. Many of these contacts resulted in lasting relationships, something I really cherish in my work. I am looking forward to building more lasting relationships in 2013.

Focus for 2013

Based on the feedback I received from many of you I formulated my Vision and Mission as follows:

My vision is to use my 33+ years of  experience in project management to help aspiring project managers and consultants to achieve their goals for 2013.

My mission is to achieve this by providing:

  • On site training
  • Online consulting to project managers in all areas of project management
  • eBooks on project management
  • Free support as a follow up on all training, consulting and eBooks.


I have received several requests for training for 2013. I am busy finalizing an eBook that will be used in all trainings.This eBook is based the project management seminars I have given and on feedback I have received from many of you. Some more information on training


The training I provide is general/fundamental. Consulting is a follow up on the training with the objective of tailor making a Project Management Manual for your specific business.  More information


The eBooks I write are based on questions I receive from aspiring project managers/consultants. The idea is that the eBooks are for you and by you. All my eBooks are reviewed/commented by my readers.

I hope to add a few more Ebooks to my eStore in 2013.


I will continue to offer support as follow-up on all my training, consulting and eBooks. Support is great enhancement to the value of the eBooks and services I offer. Have a question?

There is a price for the eBooks and services, but the support is free.

Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to close the gap between theory and practice. Last year we ran a case study on project management processes. You can download the complete case study here project management processes case study

My target is to run at least two case studies during 2013.

Finding a Job

Finding a job as a project manager remains to be challenge for many. Getting the often required experience creates a chicken or the egg situation: you need experience to get the job, while you need the job to get experience. The approach I usually take in helping people find a job as a project manager, is to scrape up the little experience they have managing little projects and package it as good as possible and include that in your resume. Eventually all do find a job. I offer a resume rewrite service for a nominal fee of USD 42.50. Read the testimonials on this page. Contact me at victor@victorhuntconsulting.com to rewrite your resume or profile.  .


Many students contact me to review their thesis. This is a spin-off I never anticipated. However, I enjoy helping students and I have to say that some of them have some very interesting case studies in their thesis.


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4 thoughts on “2013: What to Expect”

  1. Hi Victor,
    Thank you for opening my eyes toward window of Project Management and sharpening my skills. It is indeed my hope and target that this year I attain Project Management certificate with your mentor ship and help.
    I look forward to working with you in my project management development.

  2. Victor,
    I want to take a moment and say “Thank You” for your time and effort in maintaining contact with the Project Management group(s) on LinkedIn and for providing information that is useful to me (at least) and questions that stimulate conversation not only about ‘Project Management’ but also all of the related fields of Project Management. As a PM, I work daily on projects but need that external stimulus to keep me thinking about the ‘intergration’ side of project management and to use the tools at my disposal, and that would include you and your site. Again, ‘Thank You’ and I wish for you nothing but a very blessed, happy, and prosperous New Year.

    Geoff Warnock PMP
    Gainesville, Florida

    1. Hi Geoff,
      Your “Thank You” is very welcome. It is a pleasure for me to share my experience with the project management community. I am also very pleased to hear that my blog post is an ispiration to your daily work.
      I look forward to another year of sharing and colaborating with the global project management community.
      Thanks again.

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